August 29, 2014


Field of Dreams (1989)
Director of Photography: John Lindley

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August 28, 2014

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August 27, 2014

Valuable and ingenious he might be, thought Jack, fixing him with his glass, but false he was too, and perjured. He had voluntarily sworn to have no truck with vampires, and here, attached to his bosom, spread over it and enfolded by one arm, was a greenish hairy thing, like a mat - a loathsome great vampire of the most poisonous kind, no doubt. ‘I should never have believed it of him: his sacred oath in the morning watch and now he stuffs the ship with vampires; and God knows what is in that bag. No doubt he was tempted, but surely he might blush for his fall?’

No blush; nothing but a look of idiot delight as he came slowly up the side, hampered by his burden and comforting it in Portuguese as he came.

'I am happy to see that you were so successful, Dr Maturin,' he said, looking down into the launch and the canoes, loaded with glowing heaps of oranges and shaddocks, red meat, iguanas, bananas, greenstuff. 'But I am afraid no vampires can be allowed on board.'

'This is a sloth,' said Stephen, smiling at him. 'A three-toed sloth, the most affectionate, discriminating sloth you can imagine!' The sloth turned its round head, fixed its eyes on Jack, uttered a despairing wail, and buried its face again in Stephen's shoulder, tightening its grip to the strangling-point.


—  HMS Surprise (via stargazypie)

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August 23, 2014



My therapist asked me to create something “motivating” so I made these.


I really love these, and I reblog them every single time. Some of you don’t realize how easy it’s to forget to do some of those stuff or how hard they can be some days.

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August 22, 2014

PREACH Mr. Hanks!


PREACH Mr. Hanks!

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August 22, 2014

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August 22, 2014

Bert: Well, that’s a bit awkward, I must say!

Mary: Bert, I’ll thank you to stop putting ideas in their heads!

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August 22, 2014

make me choose: freddie or beverly both, faking their deaths together, also banging (requested by swareksammy)

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August 22, 2014


make me choose meme

anonymous asked: Sif or Maria Hill?

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August 18, 2014


date a girl who reads. date a girl who reads every book she can get her hands on. who slaughtered a librarian to read those books. date a girl who shoots down helicopters with slingshots and commands an army. wait, did i say date? i meant follow into battle. follow Tamika Flynn into battle.

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August 17, 2014

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August 17, 2014

- What should we do next: Something good, something bad? Bit of both?
We’ll follow your lead, Star-Lord.
- A bit of both!

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August 17, 2014

You remember too much,

my mother said to me recently.

Why hold onto all that?

And I said,

Where do I put it down?


— Anne Carson, from “The Glass Essay” (via vrban)

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August 17, 2014



I want to hear you say you’re gonna make it.

I’ve been waiting for this gifset to roll across my dash. i’m so obsessed with this sequence because the camera not only refuses to ojectify her even while performing shots that would have been all about T&A in any other freaking film, it actively frames her body as a central part of her empowerment. She gets mud all over her chest, she flexes her powerful legs, she has an upward pan that ends in her towering over the camera like a titan. even though all on the surface all the typically objectified parts of the female body are in view, none of it is on display. her body is hers, not the viewers. this sequence, this camerawork, is EVERYTHING to me.


Tagged: no guys seriously in the begining of the movie you see her as this small person the way shes filmed is so that shes mostly small throughout the film and then theres that beautiful shot where its embryonic and its gorgeous and then at the end of the film in this scene shes filmed as a giant shes been empowered though herself and its a beautiful shot gravity feels

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August 16, 2014


so here’s a fun story about this movie. guess who loves this movie? me! i do! i love this movie. i love this movie so much that when i was in the 7th grade and i saw “first wives club 2” on pay per view i was like: HELL YEAH!! FIRST WIVES CLUB TWO!! NO ONE TOLD ME THERE WAS A SEQUEL!!!

here’s the synopsis for first wives club 2:

disgruntled first wives take their ex-husbands’ new lovers under their wing.

sounds great, right? awesome viewing material for a precocious 11-year-old.

so i buy this movie, and like, three minutes into it i’m starting to feel suspicious?? like it’s really low quality and my girls are nowhere in sight?? how come none of the first wives are the same?? how come they’re alone in a bedroom with mood lighting?? why is she taking off her shirt?? why are they both taking off their shirts?? WHY ARE THEY—

here’s what i did not know about first wives club 2:

  • it is a lesbian porno of no relation to the beloved 1996 classic.

so of course i, horrified that i’ve accidentally bought porn on my family’s account (and in that state of panic that kids work themselves into whenever anything regarding sex is mentioned), quickly shut off the TV and go upstairs and watch an episode of veggie tales to like, cleanse my soul and apologize to jesus, and that’s that.


  • you have to pay for pay per view.

so the end of the month comes and i have completely put this incident out of my mind, haha, i accidentally bought porn, how funny, TELL NO ONE. right? and i’m sitting at a nice dinner with my mother, my stepfather, and my very religious aunt deb, and we’re just talking about farm things, whatever, when suddenly my mother puts her fork down and says, “okay, there’s something we need to discuss. as a family.”


and i’m like, running through a list of people i know who could conceivably be dead, and fantasizing about my mother announcing that she’s going to buy me My Own Computer Just Because U Earned It Kiddo, and she pulls out a piece of paper that says DIRECTV across the top. and i’m like: OH NO.

"i received the tv bill today," my mother said, and i was like, shoveling potatoes into my mouth as fast as i could because i knew that when i went to PORN PRISON they weren’t going to feed me this kind of quality starch. "does anybody want to tell me who purchased the pornography?"

as a reminder, a quick table survey:

  • my mother, surprised and disappointed by the porn bill (innocent)
  • my stepfather, a grumbly old cowboy who just wants to sing along to kenny chesney and watch the hunt for red october (innocent)
  • my aunt deb, a super religious catholic whose best friend is a nun named Sister Placid (innocent)
  • me, the 11-year-old with a mouthful of potatoes who definitely purchased the lesbian pornography


my mother said, “i’m not going to ask again.”



my mother shook her head and put the bill down. “this was incredibly inappropriate,” she said. “skip, deb, whoever. buy that shit on your own time. i’m not paying for it. what if molly had seen it?”


"don’t expose my kid to that crap."

  • DON’T
  • MY KID

"if you want to watch porn, fine, but do it in private and don’t expect me to pay for it. i can’t believe one of you did that in the living room."


but molly, why didn’t you own up to it and explain that it was an accident?

  • are you fucking kidding
  • i did not want to go to porn prison

the fun conclusion to this story is that i never owned up to it, which means that there are 3 people in the world who have not solved the mystery of the lesbian porn. a quick survey:

  • my mother, who lives every day wondering whose porn she paid for
  • my stepfather, who probably wishes he knew less about his wife’s sister’s porn preferences
  • my aunt, who probably wishes she knew less about her sister’s husband’s porn preferences

but molly, why don’t you own up to it now, with the safety of time and distance and the knowledge that porn prison isn’t real?

  • are you fucking kidding
  • this is the best thing i’ve ever done

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